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Dr. Robert Nielson

Founder & Owner


Dr. Robert Nielson

Dentist and Owner of my Dentist of Idaho, Dr. Robert Nielson has been serving eastern Idaho since 2003. Over 20 years of dental experience, Dr Nielson started in the wonderful field of dentistry in 1999. Prior to becoming a General Dentist, Dr. Nielson graduated from Brigham Young University as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in aerospace for five years. He then worked another five years in the nuclear field before entering dental school and starting another career.

As a General Dentist, Dr. Nielson loves meeting people and their families. It is a joy to gain family relationships with patients and treating them for years and seeing their young families grow. Dr. Nielson welcomes individuals and families and wants everyone to have a family type experience.

Dr. Nielson is married to a wonderful woman (Lori). They have been married for 38 years. Once Dr. Nielson graduated and started his new dental adventure, he brought Lori in to manage the office work so he could focus on dentistry. Dr. Nielson and Lori have three married adult children with 6 grandchildren. They are now classified as “empty nesters”. They do take care of a few animals which they have rescued -three cats and two dogs.

Dr. Nielson loves playing around the outdoors. He enjoys working with his hands, ATV, UTVS, motorcycles, scuba diving, snorkeling, reconditioning used cars, sports, flying RC drones, and doing fun things with the family and watching them have fun. Life is a journey. Work hard in life and make it fun while you can.